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Passport to foreign dining Menu Translators

Travelight Books Menu Translators

5th Edition!
Passeport Gastronomique
series of travel menu translators for your
Kindle, Nook and smart devices

NEW! Passeport Gastronomique France & Italy available in paperback

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NOW with Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly Phrases

Travelight Books is proud to announce the fifth edition of the Passeport Gastronomique series of menu translators for English-speaking travelers. French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish to English translations of food items and preparations...Know What You Order! Kindle, Nook and mobile-ready, these books provide clear, English descriptions of hundreds of menu items likely to be found when traveling abroad.

Know what you eat! Use the Passeport Gastronomique Menu Translator and Phrase book

passeports gastronomique

Adventurous eaters will be pleased to find lots of adventurous foods described...from abat (organ meat) to limaces (land snails), from angulas (baby eels) to zarajos (fried lamb's intestines). The less adventurous will be happy to be able to avoid ordering them. Learn that in Spain the zanahoria is a carrot and the mela is an apple. An ostriche in Italy is not what you may think but really an oyster. However, a Coke is a Coke just about anywhere.

In addition to the hundreds of menu translations, each book also includes a short guide to phrases useful when dining out, that may include: How to say you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-intolerent or allergic to soy, wheat, strawberries, peanuts and many other ingredients; How to order; How to ask for the check; How to complain that your food is not as ordered...too rare, too done, not hot, not cold.

Books are available in ebook formats for Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry. Several books are also available in print. All print versions are 4.25" by 6.875" with a durable, laminated full-color, soft cover. All volumes are designed for convenient use.

Passeport Gastronomique ebooks are available from and Barnes & Noble. The Passeport Gastronomique menu translator print series is available from and

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PLUS the always popular MENUS(E)! series
Menu Translators without the extras

NOW! Menus(e): INDIA...Translations of Indian foods From All the Major Indian Languages into English...for your Kindle or mobile device or tablet

The same, great menu translators as the newest Passeports Gastronomique, but without the phrase section or pronunciation guide. For those who are able to get by in a foreign country with your language skills but need some help deciphering the menu, we created the MENUS(E)!

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
All the food listings...and nothing else.

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When you purchase books through these links to Amazon, you support Travelight Books at no cost to you...a little less goes to Amazon, a little bit goes to us...the cost to you is exactly the same. Thanks so much for your consideration.

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