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Passport to Italian dining: Menu Translator

Passeport Gastronomique Italy

Buono Appetito! The guide to Italian dining. Italian to English translations of 100s of common and not-so-common dishes. Now in its 5th Edition! This detailed book offers our updated menu translations along with handy phrases for use in restaurants...make a reservation, food too warm, too cold, too rare, too done, tell the waiter that you are vegan or vegetarian, what you're allergic to or that you are gluten-intolerent. As an ebook, it's virtually weightless and easy to read in dim restaurant lighting.

This book is invaluable to both the adventurous and cautious diner. It helps you search out (or avoid) favorites and unusual dishes. If cured hog jowl or fried frogs are not your cup of tea, be sure not to order the Guanciale or rane fritte on the menu!

Available as both an ebook and print book. The Ebook is available for KINDLE, NOOK, iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch, Android and Blackberry!!

  • hundreds of Italian to English menu translations
  • print edition small in size 4" by 6"
  • includes useful restaurant phrases
  • e-pub downloads immediately
  • full color, laminated cover for long use
  • includes appetizers, main courses, desserts and ingredient names
  • discreet and convenient
  • readable typeface

Only $10.95 for book

Only $7.49 for e-pub
BOTH Available from Amazon